We're Hiring – Director of New Business

You reach for your phone when your alarm goes off. You quickly scan headlines, emails and social media for stories that inspire you, people that interest you and goals that motivate you.

Treating your business contacts as partners, you connect with them often, heading out to chat over coffee or connect over the phone. You build genuine relationships based on trust, integrity and respect. You know their goals and you offer innovative solutions.

You value creative collaboration and thrive when sharing ideas with your team. You have an ego - what great business leader doesn’t - but you check it at the door. You would prefer to be surrounded by positive energy rather than negative attitudes.

You dabble in creative pursuits, love going to the movies and think that holding a light stand until your fingers cramp while the crew gets just the right shot sounds like a great way to spend an afternoon.

Nova Scotia is, in your mind, an unpolished gem waiting to be uncovered, admired and valued. You are ready to be a driving force behind its discovery.

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