Strategic Council

We take the time needed to fully understand your challenges and goals. Armed with this knowledge, we provide comprehensive strategy to reach, inspire and engage your stakeholders.

Creative Campaigns

Our thoughtful campaigns are driven by intent. Every component integrates seamlessly overall while being strong enough to stand alone. 


Our videos are crafted with a journalist’s talent for finding the heart of your story and produced with a cinematic feel that evokes emotion and engagement.

Social Media

We work with your team to create social media strategies that ignite imagination and spark engagement. We get you noticed. 


Our award-winning writers
deliver succinct advertising copy, craft powerful speeches and create scripts that evoke emotion long after the final page is turned.


The beauty of our photography lies in our ability to find and capture the extraordinary, hidden within the ordinary.

Website Design

We design and build beautiful, functional websites that ensure your stories reach your target audience. 


Our award-winning designers sweat the tiny details that separate good design from great design, crafting the separate parts that create an integrated project.


Working alongside acclaimed musicians, we write, perform and record songs that are not only the soundtracks in our videos but are also integrated into your campaign and played at your events.

Drone Videography

With SFOCs that cover all of Canada, we are fully certified, insured and trained to safely and effectively capture stills and videos from the air using our fleet of DJI drones.


Tell your story at carefully planned events that showcase your videos and speak directly to an attentive audience. 

Annual Reports

Drawing on years of newspaper and magazine experience, we create, write, edit, photograph and design annual reports that are magazine quality and will engage, inspire and educate stakeholders.