Over The Clothesline


The good folks from Nova Scotia Business Inc. shared with us their clothesline stories this week and, as it turns out, not all clothesline memories are warm and fuzzy.

Take, for instance, Heather Mosher’s tale. Heather, who is Manager, Channel and Platform Development at NSBI, remembers one summer night as a toddler trying to go to sleep without her beloved stuffed bunny.

Heather and her stuffed bunny, circa 1968.

Heather and her stuffed bunny, circa 1968.

The bunny had been washed earlier in the day and hung out on the clothesline to dry. Somehow, it had become entangled in the reel at the far end of the line and was stuck.

Her parents tried everything they could think of to help Heather fall asleep, but no luck. 

“All I wanted was that bunny,” Heather laughs.

Finally, her desperate father hauled out a ladder, carried it to the backyard and in the pitch dark, climbed to the top of the clothesline pole to yank the bunny free. It was a bit tattered from its ordeal but it’s magical powers were still intact.

“He gave it to me and I immediately fell asleep,” says Heather.

For Suzanne Diab, NSBI’s Marketing and Communications Advisor, it is the squeak of the reel that brings back memories of her grandmother.

“I remember she kept the clothespins in a old butter container,” says Suzanne, her smile wide and bright as she is briefly transported back to her childhood. 

Connecting over the clothesline is one way of sharing stories. Another is to join NSBI’s ConnectNS (http://connectns.ca/en/home/default.aspx), to keep in touch with Nova Scotia business leaders near and far.