Founded by two-time Emmy Award-winning producer Jayson Taylor,
Clothesline Media is a powerhouse storytelling company devoted 
to sharing and preserving the stories that shape our lives.


As a boy growing up in Cape Breton, I would stand beside my mom, handing her wet shirts, towels,
dishcloths as she hung our laundry to dry. Humming absentmindedly, she’d smile as our neighbour
emerged, laundry basket in hand, to do the same. “Morning,” mom would say as the women began
chatting, linked by their friendship and shared experiences.

It was storytelling at its most authentic.

Those stories - told over the clothesline - inspired my life’s work as a storyteller.


Changing the landscape of brand storytelling with work that’s savoured, shared and preserved.

Combining videos, photographs, writing and music composition, we tell authentic and artful stories 
of people and places. Teaming with the boldest companies, individuals and communities, we seek out
the extraordinary that exists within the ordinary. Working with your team to find your voice,
we craft richly nuanced stories that resonate and stand the test of time. 
Everyone has a clothesline - a place where their story begins. 

Where’s yours?


Dear Nova Scotians


Some places have narratives that read like a short story
or a novella. Some sound like a poem. Ours is an epic.
Nova Scotia’s story isn’t just centuries old
it’s big and it's grand.

It’s one for the ages.