Clothesline Media is looking for a
Director of New Business


We are a Halifax-based storytelling company. We uncover, produce and share artful and authentic stories using video, photography, original music and writing.

We believe in the ability of a well-told story to evoke emotion, power decisions and drive change. This passion is at the heart of every project we undertake.

Clothesline Media is proud to be Atlantic Canadian but our vision is global. We strive to collaborate with like-minded businesses, organizations and individuals around the world to make a difference economically, environmentally and socially.

The team we have assembled consists of the most talented and respected people in the industry. We strive to exceed expectations and we remain unwavering toward our goal of creating the best work of our careers.


At Clothesline Media, we build relationships through trust and respect. We cut through the clutter. Our values and beliefs drive our decisions and guide our interactions with not only our clientele but also with our collaborators and with the community in which we live.

Our dedication to working authentically and with integrity is forged out of our vast experiences from every corner of the earth. Empathy drives our decisions and compassion empowers our work. We believe in standing up for what’s right, fair and just and we give voice to the people others overlook.

We check our egos at the door. As a result, we thrive in a positive, collaborative atmosphere that welcomes diverse professionals and invites everyone to contribute their best.

We demand the best work and the best results. Just good enough is never good enough. We only deliver work that we are proud to have our name on. 


Your main role is to bring in new business and manage those relationships, forging long-term partnerships that place Clothesline Media as the premiere brand storytelling company in the industry. We are the best at what we do and when businesses and organizations think about telling their story, Clothesline Media is on their radar as the best in the business.

We are new but we have a vision. We see a thriving company with at least one office, possibly two, and employees that are happy, engaged and making a comfortable living. By joining a startup, you have a stake in growing the business.

This role is not just about numbers – it's about building relationships. Our Director of New Business will also have a creative flair and be eager to take part in brainstorming new projects and bringing innovative ideas to the table. We want you to be part of the whole process: one day you might be finding new clients and the next you might be with the crew on a shoot.


Identify potential clients by using your existing contacts and by developing new contacts. 

Contact potential clients with the goal to setting up meetings.

Go to those meetings with the CEO to uncover the opportunity.

Manage relationships with clients and act as the senior point of contact
for Clothesline Media clients.

Update the client database daily.

Talk with the CEO daily to strategize, prioritize and brainstorm about
potential and signed projects.

Initiate and manage effective relationships with selected, developed leads on an ongoing basis.

Work closely and effectively with the team so that projects proceed as anticipated and that strategic goals are met; and to anticipate obstacles and address concerns that could undermine client relationships

Research, analyze and monitor financial, technological and demographic factors to capitalize on new market / business leads and opportunities.

Play an active role in ensuring successful start-up for new clients.

Advocate knowledge of and support for Clothesline Media’s mission, culture, confidentiality, standards, etc. 

Attend team gatherings whenever possible to become familiar with our collaborators, with our work and with the industry.

Work with the CEO to develop sales goals and targets.

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