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June 16, 2015 

Jayson Taylor, a two-time Emmy Award-winning producer, announced today the launch of his company, Clothesline Media. Combining videos, photographs, writing and original music, Clothesline Media tells authentic and artful stories about companies, organizations, people and communities.

“We are changing the landscape of brand storytelling with work that is savoured, shared and preserved,” says Taylor, who is tapping into his extensive background as a journalist and video producer.
— Jayson Taylor Founder and Creative Director

Forbes Magazine named non-fiction storytelling as one of the top 10 brand and marketing trends for 2015, reinforcing Taylor's view that a well-told story will build connections between businesses and their clients.

“One of my earlier memories is listening to my mom tell stories and chat with neighbours while she hung out the laundry,” says Taylor, who grew up in Cape Breton and now lives in Halifax. “It was there - at the clothesline - my passion for storytelling was born.”

Making an emotional connection is vital for organizations who want to be heard above the constant noise of social media, says Sammy Davis, head of Clothesline Media’s business development. “Many businesses and organizations have already seen how telling their story, the story of their partners, their workforce and their customers, particularly through video, has a direct impact on the ability of that organization to forge strong relationships with their employees, create loyalty with customers and supporters and attract talent,” says Davis.

“More importantly though, the hunger for content is only satisfied by powerful and emotional stories. Deep and meaningful connections are only made with authentic stories and that’s what is so exciting about Clothesline Media - the depth of their experience in finding the story.”
— Sammy Davis Business Development, Clothesline Media


Teaming with the boldest companies, individuals and communities, Clothesline Media seeks out the extraordinary that exists within the ordinary. “We work with your team to find your voice and craft richly nuanced stories that resonate and stand the test of time,” says Taylor.

Clothesline Media has assembled a powerhouse team of collaborators, including award-winning cinematographers Christopher Ball and Kevin Fraser, acclaimed director Nance Ackerman and Gemini-nominated soundtrack composer Jamie Alcorn. The depth of the experience on the team is a testament to the strength of the region’s filmmakers and offers a viable alternative to keep that talent here.

“We support the Ivany commission’s call to action and are committed to building a future,” says Taylor. “The exciting thing is that we are based in Halifax but can work globally.”

Taylor was instrumental in bringing video to the Canadian newspaper industry, winning Emmys in 2009 and 2010 for Talking to the Taliban and Behind the Veil, which he produced as Multimedia Editor for The Globe and Mail. 



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