The power of creative collaboration

At Clothesline Media, we assemble talented
and passionate teams to tell stories that will
be shared and saved.


Jayson Taylor
Founder/Creative Director

I am, at heart, a storyteller.
My passion to uncover the human element that exists at the core of every story is the driving force behind the projects I undertake. 

The beauty that surrounds us, the people that move us, these are the stories that I am inspired to tell. I am motivated by a desire to help build the economy of our region and to leave a legacy for the next generation.

John Pollack

John Pollack
Director of Moving Pictures

Good stories, told well, are powerful, regardless of medium. They make us laugh. Cry. Think. They enrich our lives.

Growing up, I always wanted to reflect on the world around me. I dabbled in poetry, prose, songwriting, graphic design and photography in search of my voice.

Then I tried filmmaking. Harnessing the power of images, sounds, music and voices to evoke emotion in a matter of seconds was a rush. I’ve never looked back.
I feel privileged when someone shares with me their story and trusts me to tell it to the world.


Christopher Ball

I was nine when I discovered a Kodak Brownie movie camera in my parents’ attic. I couldn’t believe it. I ran downstairs yelling “You own a movie camera?”

I grew up in rural Ontario and thought that I wanted to be a vet; film was just for fun.  In high school a guidance counsellor suggested film. I said, “That’s a career?”
I immediately switched gears. I want to make people believe something and get so involved they get lost in it.  That’s my clothesline.


Deborah Clarke

I am an intense observer of the world around me. Others might judge me, at first, as ‘the quiet one.’ I am merely listening and evaluating, waiting for the right time to share my thoughts and finding the right way to express myself. 

I craft words into stories that reflect upon our shared humanity. Evoking emotion long after the final page is turned brings me joy and feeds my soul. It’s my clothesline.



Kevin Fraser

For my first project,
I convinced my high school science teacher to let me make a movie. It became an epic - we shot for 15 days.
I was hanging out with friends but I had something productive to show for it.
I realized there’s nothing better than doing this.

Creating images is just this whole other language. You can make people feel what you want them to feel or think what you want them
to think.


Melani Wood
Producer/Project Manager

I started out thinking
I wanted to be a journalist. When I took the screen arts program at Nova Scotia Community College, my love for journalism and film met in the middle with documentaries. 

Learning is my biggest motivator. I like being able to meet new people and learn about their experiences; their experiences become my experiences. I like working with a smaller group of passionate people who are not afraid of doing things.


Jamie Alcorn
Sound and Music

Ultimately I’m a musician but I’m also a writer, producer, arranger. I started playing guitar at age 11 and started touring at 21. It’s been a total evolution.

My clothesline is being creative. I’m a builder, whether it’s with my table saw or my microphone. Building a soundtrack and building a house are very similar. It’s a collaboration. You go through a creative process and you end up with something tangible.


Nance Ackerman

My clothesline is an international clothesline.
The minute I walk into another culture and feel part of another world, that’s when I feel the most alive and vibrant. 

I can’t pick a favourite project. In all my projects, people share a part of them with me; that’s like saying pick your favourite person in your life. I’ve never believed in objectivity in journalism; it’s a total myth. I don’t think it does the world any good to be objective. If it’s not personal, what’s the point?


Tim Wilson
Director - Cinematographer

For a good stretch of my early career, I sought out famous people to interview. There were war criminals (Hitler’s architect, Albert Speer), peacemakers (John and Yoko) and a slew of poets, writers and philosophers. I learned an immense amount. But I also realized that part of it was like gathering trophies.

Now that I’m older and have wised up some, I find the humbler stories of my neighbours are the ones I’m taken with: the weir fisherman, the woodcarver, the woman — or man — hanging out the laundry. The ones who make the everyday shine. 


Matthew A. MacDonald
Cinematographer - Producer

Working with light and motion is a spiritual experience for me. Since I received my first camera when I was four years old, I have felt called by the power of images to help reveal what is beautiful and true.
This deep passion drives me in my work. In a word, I need to create.