The squeak of the clothesline signalled the start of our shoot - a very early, very chilly day in May. One of those spring days when the sun had yet to warm the earth and when the promise of spring was just that - only a promise.


The fog was lifting as our team arrived, gear in tow, at our top secret location along the beautiful Nova Scotia coast. It was time to tell our story.

Our company video is about the genesis of founder and creative director Jayson Taylor’s gift for storytelling but the entire project marks the origins of our team.

From initial chats at the amazing Halifax Central Library to vats of coffee at The Nook and Pavia and spirited storyboarding discussions at Heartstring Productions, we roamed the planet (well, Halifax area) discussing, debating, laughing and creating.


Nance Ackerman, director

Kevin Fraser, cinematographer

Christopher Ball, cinematographer

Melani Wood, project manager and assistant director

Jamie Alcorn, sound 

Jayson Taylor, creative director and producer

Deborah Clarke, writer and producer

Mark Langille and Mike Bayer of FliteLab, aerial photography

Tyler Parent, post production and logo animation

The music for our video was composed by Nance Ackerman and Jamie Alcorn. It was performed by Nance (keys), Jamie (guitars and dobro), Ian MacMillan (percussion) and Chris Church (violin).

Our actors were Sam Moore, Cecilia Moore, David Moore, Colton Inglis, Carrie Inglis, Liam Bradley and Elizabeth Clarke.

Harriet Libbus did the writing for our logo while graphic designer Lance Hancock finessed it.

And finally, a chance meeting at Lion & Bright led us to our business development guru/all-around nifty dresser, Sammy Davis. 

Ah, the power of creative collaboration.