“The world will be different for you, Jayson. You’ll be able to go anywhere.
Do anything. Be anything.”

Could this be true? Ever since he could remember, Jayson Taylor’s mom had been telling him the stories of his people, his place. The stories, softly said while she hung the wash, are a part of him.

“It was there - at the clothesline - my passion for storytelling was born,” he says today.  The intimate reflection illuminates the name and the purpose of Clothesline Media – to discover and tell compelling stories. 

A scion of Cape Breton, Jayson won two Emmy Awards before launching Clothesline Media.

He tells stories and, like his mom’s, those stories stay with you.

Deborah Clarke understands the power of stories.  A writer, journalist and Clothesline Media co-founder, Deborah observes life, soaks in the essential and gives it back in words too pure to be anything but true.

The wall of the long hall in Deborah’s home is obscured behind framed award citations.

Together with a small band of the best of their craft, Clothesline Media creates fresh and honest brand storytelling using writing, video, photography and sound - music that somehow embraces the tenor of place, the spirit of people, the fabric of the story.

In this modern day, great stories have never held more power. Great brands will be built, great places discovered and great changes will start and spread, powered by great stories.

Non-fiction storytelling is a Top 10 brand and marketing trend, according to Forbes. If you know the media landscape, you know the “trend” will last and grow into a critical brand and marketing tool for successful organizations, for places and people too.


As Jayson tells anyone who listens, a well-told story creates the most honest, fundamental connection – an emotional connection – between people; between businesses and clients; organizations and those they serve; places and those who seek them out. An emotional connection lasts, has meaning, creates a bond.

Why now?

It’s the nature of the Internet. First, we went there for information. It was quick, easy and still is. Next, we created connections - social media - telling one another everyday occurrences, little stories of our lives. Now, it’s all that and much more. The audience is never captive again. Your market shifts with the speed of a click. Ads? Skip past them. Move on.

Clothesline Media helps clients discover what makes them, well, them, and tell the story to those people who want or need whatever that story is. The stories others overlook, that shine a light on the extraordinary within the ordinary. With passion, curiosity, and creativity they uncover and share what shapes and drives the human spirit. 

Throughout history, great events and ideas changed the world. But how these events and ideas changed the world often depended on how they were depicted – the stories that took a singular event and made it part of the larger human narrative. Were the great religions created by events and ideas, or by the stories that depicted them? 

The Internet is said to be the most revolutionary change in communications since movable type – Gutenberg’s printing press. That ongoing revolution eclipses anything and everything that has come before, with its global reach, rate of adoption and continuous technological evolution. The Internet is, quite simply everywhere, replacing or subsuming most communications channels.

Engagement comes from content that is compelling, relevant and interesting. Information is required. Compelling content – a great story – holds audience, is shared. It spreads.

Information is captured and consumed. Most websites are still populated with “information” someone decided their audience or market “requires.”

When opportunity comes calling, it takes what it needs and moves on.

Clothesline Media believes opportunity ought to be invited in, offered a chair and a reason to stay; embraced with a great story, engaged with simple honesty, undeniable human truth or even absurd reality.

They’re changing brand storytelling with work that’s savoured, shared and preserved, with authentic and artful stories about people, places and things that rock your market or audience emotionally, resonate and connect to your brand.

Clothesline Media and their bold clients are seeking out the extraordinary. Working together to craft richly-nuanced stories that stand the test of time, traffic and travel - because great stories are timeless, have broad appeal, resonate deeply where they are relevant and transcend geography and culture.

Clothesline Media’s home is Nova Scotia by choice – it’s their geographic and emotional centre. They go anywhere because stories are everywhere. In Nova Scotia we’re near the action but there’s a quiet place to think.

Nova Scotia’s storytelling tradition is deeper than its soil, its music as rhythmic and constant as the sea. Clothesline Media embraces that tradition and heritage to bring alive your stories, wherever they are.


Deborah Clarke, co-founder of Clothesline Media, enjoys time at the beach with her pups, Annie and Angus.


Q. How did you get your start in writing?

When I was in elementary school, the library held a writing contest. Being a keener, I entered it, writing a six-page story called Snoopy’s Christmas. I can’t quite remember the plot but I do know that my writing was better than my illustrating. I won the contest along with the admiration of my friends.
I was hooked.


Q. What motivates you to write?

I am motivated by the desire to connect with people through stories. We all have shared human experiences. Artists, photographers, musicians and writers are all storytellers who get to translate their views of shared experiences into something tangible, something that can make people laugh or cry.


Q. Where do you find inspiration?

Inspiration is everywhere. It’s in the promise of sunrise, the crashing of waves and the brilliance of freshly fallen snow. It’s in a mother’s fierce love. Capturing that beauty and emotion in words is my passion.


Q. How did writing become your career?

After finishing my Bachelor of Arts (Hon.) degree from Dalhousie University, I applied to The Chronicle Herald on a whim. Armed with my transcript and my Honours Essay on New Zealand’s Non-Nuclear Policy, I sat down for an interview with two newsroom managers. But no one asked to see my work. Instead, my sports background piqued their interest - that and the fact that I told them I had my own wheels. (Of course, I didn’t tell them it was a fiery red Moped.) I got the job and I stayed there for 26 years, working as a reporter and editor.

Q. That sounds like a classic example of giving youth a chance.

Absolutely. My backup plan was working for the foreign service in a developing country. If that had happened, I wouldn’t have spent my entire career in Halifax. I know the value of hiring young people and that is part of our plan at Clothesline Media.

Q. What is your vision for your company?

Clothesline Media is fiercely proud to be Atlantic Canadian and to be part of Halifax’s renaissance. All the cranes, construction, new companies and fresh dialogue points to a real shift in momentum. We see ourselves as part of that shift and we are poised to take our work globally while being located right here in Halifax.




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