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At Clothesline Media, we seek out and tell the stories that others overlook,
shining a light on the extraordinary that exists within the ordinary. 

Teaming with the boldest and the brightest clients and collaborators, we uncover and share the passion that shapes and drives the human spirit. Our artful, authentic stories entertain, inform, empower and enrich. 

Through videos, photographs, writing, and music composition, Clothesline Media
is changing the landscape of content-first storytelling with work that’s
savoured, shared and preserved.



Game Changers Campaign

.We used all of our tools - cinematography, photography, writing, original music, social media strategy - as Creative Partners for this multimedia marketing and advertising campaign.

Fogo Island Unfolds

This revealing journey across tiny Fogo Island, Newfoundland & Labrador, was nominated for a National Magazine Award and won silver at the Atlantic Journalism Awards.

A Place Called Sebim

For writer Deborah Clarke, the heart of Nova Scotia lives in a tiny beachside community called Sebim, where memories of loved ones live in the ebb and flow of the tide.

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Enjoy a sampling of work from our award-winning team
of producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, journalists and music composers

Caleb's Courage

In April 2014, Cape Breton’s Caleb MacArthur took on the biggest battle of his life. Armed with his trusty sword and surrounded by family and friends, Caleb proved himself to be as strong as the superheroes he adored.