A sense of mystery, a desire to be part of a movement drives people to action and brings them out to events. Creating that mystery is both an art and a science and the ability to do so exists at the crossroads of creating a story and drafting a strategy. That’s our strength - we don’t think along a simple linear track. We examine the story from various angles, choosing the parts that will make the biggest impact.

An innovative campaign includes moving, interconnected parts that, together, create something memorable. It is much like the life of a community - existing at first as only an idea then gradually growing, evolving, gaining momentum and, eventually, becoming the standard for all that comes after.

The story of the Parks of West Bedford will begin with a sense of mystery, a flair of innovation and a hint of what’s to come. Clayton Development’s story - its story of building the future - will begin with a sense that the time to get onboard is now.

The campaign will follow a timeline of life of the community - from land selection to families strolling along its tree-lined paths - and will tell the stories of the people who chose the land, the craftsmen who built the houses and the families who have put roots down with a view to staying for generations.