Clothesline Media and Clayton Developments will build a small team to research, strategize and re-imagine the possibilities. We will combine our creativity, skill and knowledge of uncovering, telling and sharing persuasive stories with your knowledge of the industry, relationships with builders and insights into buyers’ motives.

When you hire Clothesline Media, you are hiring two-time Emmy Award-winning producer Jayson Taylor. Jayson is not only a producer, he is a designer, a strategist and photographer. While his list of awards, distinctions and honours is truly impressive, his greatest talent lies in his ability to inspire his team and to bring out their best work.

Among the collaborators who have lined up for the chance to work with Jayson is an award-winning cinematographer who owns and pilots a float plane; an app and virtual reality developer with a vision for the future; Juno and Grammy Award-winning musicians who have spent a lifetime telling stories through music; and writers whose words have moved audiences to tears and have brought them to their feet in applause.